Natural Shampoo for oily hair

Natural Shampoo for oily hair

Oily hair is the main characteristic lack of volume and lots of fat in the scalp. It has very bright due to excess fat.

It is a hair with a shiny appearance due to excess fat.

How to care oily hair:

  • We must be careful with the shampoo we use to wash hair.
  • We should wash the hair daily., We should also wash your hair with cold water to shed some hair.
  • A very good and proper diet can also lead us to control excess oil on the scalp.

We should avoid brushing your hair out or too often. Nor should we rub vigorously wash the scalp when you wash the head, and when we do wash your hair with a little hot water. Then we gently rub the hair when dry with a towel.

Then we will give some tips to care our hair with shampoo greasy totally natural.



  • Two table spoons of dried peppermint leaves.
  • Two glasses of neutral shampoo.
  • Two table spoons of dried sage leaves.
  • In a glass of water make a decoction with sage and mint for fifteen minutes.
  • Strain the herbs and mix the liquid with neutral shampoo, use as shampoo for oily hair.

The sage gives life and a beautiful sheen to the hair, and mint as it neutralizes excess oil on the hair.

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