Moles are spots that appear on the skin and these usually have it from birth or acquired. You should know that moles are classified as normal and cancerous.

Moles come in different shapes such as round, oval, etc.. Can be of various colors such as skin color, black, red, brown, blue. Its surface can vary from rough to smooth, flat, lifted, etc..

They can be large or small, bulky, having hair, appear in groups or alone and can be anywhere on the body.

If you are happy with you can remove moles through laser treatment.

There are several methods to eliminate or minimize them.

In some cases, may require minor surgery, in this case can leave scars. Some types of moles using medications to reduce them. There are also treatments freezing and some machines with electric currents.

Moles dangerous

If the mole has a red border, bleeds or itches should bother going to the doctor.

Moles that have more risks include: moles with irregular borders, moles larger than normal, and large moles that grow rapidly, warts and moles strong moles of various colors. These must be careful. And remember the mole removal must be done by a specialist.

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