Make Up Tips For A Face Like The Bright Star

Make Up Tips

The recommendations on the makeup of makeup professionals are always a great way to get a makeup flawless. The thing that is certainly the most envied star is their skin, which is always so perfect and bright, but a nice healthy glow is not always easy to achieve without running into some errors.

With these little tips on make up you’re sure to always do the right thing.

How to prepare your skin
Create a good foundation is definitely a great starting point for a radiant complexion. After you take care of your skin with a scrub that helps you remove the gray from your face, apply a cream that is specific for your skin type. The secret is to wait at least 10 or 15 minutes until the product has been well absorbed and not mix the foundation, which could well spoil shortly after time.

The importance of the base
Once your face is dry and without any trace of moisturizer, you can proceed to create your base. Who makeup models and celebrities can not possibly do without primer: there are many, but those are the most innovative rose, to eliminate the effect instantaneously gray skin on the face, contain microparticles that reflect the light illuminating the complexion, makes the smooth skin reducing fine lines and finally they have inside substances that prevent the skin from becoming shiny, maintaining a perfect makeup for longer.

Make Up Tips

Secrets sull’illuminante
As a rule, after applying the primer, it would be appropriate to proceed with the application of the foundation. Some of the best make-up artists, however, use a very special technique to make the face of their models naturally bright. On some areas of the face, as the center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, over the cheeks and chin, a little patter ‘of illuminating cream before applying foundation. In this way the skin will look radiant at once, but without having the effect of the illuminant too visible on her face.

The role of bronzer
For all those who have very fair skin, almost pale, use only the illuminating effect could give a “flat” on the face. Create a three-dimensional appearance is achieved through the use of bronzer. But do not do the mistake of spreading the bronzer all over your face: this product is well shaded in specific areas of the face. Pass it with the help of a large brush below the cheekbones and sides of the forehead.

Tip: If you make a bright make-up day make-up artists work suggests that the ground powder, which would be too visible. Better to replace it with the liquid or with a foundation slightly darker than what you normally use.

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