Long-term travelers, preserve the beauty of your skin


Who wants to travel far steady wins the race … and her skin. No more tired mines, and dry and wrinkled, that we hide in vain sunglasses out of the plane. Refill with Travel, a spa treatment nomad, disembark and refreshed!

To protect against specific stress of a flight cabin (air conditioning, sleep disturbance, air holes …), this treatment overall multifunction acts as a shield, and stimulates to + 35% hydration your skin, during 8am *. Its strengths to win this battle of miles? 5 natural ingredients, from regions with harsh climates, and heat resistant properties, nourishing and soothing.

For best results, apply this treatment of traveler before, during and after the flight. Its texture is rapidly absorbed not leave a greasy film or gloss on your skin supple, fresh and plump.

Benefits from:

  • Its format allows nomadic follow you in the cabin for one, or more alterations if necessary
  • A version of “man” adapted to the specific needs of the skin of these gentlemen
  • Travel Recharge, Biotherm, 30 euros for 30ml (excluded in Sephora or major airports)

Bonus: Download the application Biotherm Coach Travel on the Appstore and find practical advice for real-time travel zen

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