How to avoid foods that damage the skin


Health and beauty are also related to our diet, because it has a great influence on our body and our skin, there are some foods that enhance our body and our appearance, and there are many who deteriorate or accelerate the aging process in This article will give you some beauty tips which will help you avoid eating foods that harm our beauty.

One of the foods that we delete that damage our skin and cause diseases such as acne or oiliness are the breaths sweetened bakery products, snacks and sweets in general, this product not only increases our weight but also harms the health of our skin.

Skin health is unbalanced are these foods and your skin accelerates the aging process, also other products like soda, refined flour, and processed products, impair the health of the skin, especially foods that are high in fat, as fast food, fried foods, burgers, and derivatives, they can alter the pH of our skin and produce excess oil in it.

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