Holidays: The French go through the boxes and hair salon before leaving


A few days early holiday departures, the French engaged in an intensive preparation is top on the beach. According to a survey by the Trip Advisor travel community, presented Tuesday, June 19, nearly three quarters of French (72%) claim to remove hair before going on vacation at the beach The French also give importance to their hair on vacation, since half of them said to detour from their hairdresser before taking off (52% women and 47% of men).

The holidays are not an excuse to dress sloppily. This is the conclusion of the study published by Trip Advisor, which reveals that 71% of French and 78% of their male counterparts buy new clothes before leaving on vacation, to carry them on their resorts.

Unsurprisingly, the swimsuit is one of the first pieces which respondents think. 65% of women and 54% of men say to buy one again before departure. As such, the study indicates that the French generally slide two swimsuits in their bags (48% men and 36% of women).

Before taking a driving holiday, French women are also buying new pairs of shoes (52%), open a pedicure (45%), and rob the shelves of beauty products and makeup (37%). The men, meanwhile, are trying to lose weight (26%) and buy new toiletries (22%).

In general, the French admit to spending money for their appearance before the summer holidays (39% women and 32% of men). Nearly three in ten men (29%) report spending between € 100 and € 200 to take care of their appearance before leaving the sun, against 27% of women.

This survey was conducted by Trip Advisor, between May 25 and June 6 last, with 538 French, 307 women and 231 men.

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