Fruit fasting for weight loss

Fruit fasting

Fruits are always a good choice to lead a healthy life on many occasions but did not eat properly or adequately in this article offer some tricks like eating fruit to lose weight in a healthy and easy.

In order to lose weight should eat fruits on an empty stomach this is the new strategy to lose weight, we recommend that you consume fruits are low in sugar such as citrus or melon, as it is a fruit that has a high water content and low in calories.

Also in the summer we recommend eating a piece of watermelon with plums since they are rich in antioxidant vitamins and water, if you want to supplement the breakfast of fruit can include some low fat yogurt, fruit as well as help you lose weight also improve your bowel and functioning, improve the skin, especially those who have oily skin, is not only an excellent diet to lose weight but to improve health.

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