Beauty Tips to strengthen the body

Beauty Tips

Our body needs physical activity routine to keep in good condition, women also need to exercise and keep always nice to do in this article will give you some beauty tips for you to tone and strengthen your body.

The most important thing to do before you exercise is 10 minutes of preheating, this preheating step includes stretching and elongation of legs and arms, and also some breathing exercises, you can also do some jumps and some move fast to get pre heating the body.

After this they can begin to make a routine of 30 crunches daily, and 20 squats, which will help you tone your buttocks, to exercise the arms will need to use weights from 400 g. each, and then perform exercises for your arms in the following way, put a dumbbell in each hand and then raise your arms as high as you can and then lower, repeat this exercise two sessions.

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