7 beauty tips to get your perfect hands

7 beauty tips

Hands are one of the elements of our body most deteriorate as it is exposed to abrasive and often use them to perform domestic tasks, this article will give you 7 easy tricks so you have your hands perdectas.

  • The most important thing is to realize a gentle daily cleaning your hands.
  • You must use a moisturizer every other day that is rich in vitamin A.
  • It is important that you protect your hands against the cold using wool or leather gloves
  • You should get twice the month manicure not only a matter of aesthetics but of health in your hands
  • Your hands also need to be exercised as you can use a rubber ball and do simple exercises with her
  • You must apply yourself masks to be rich in vitamins and minerals and hydrate
  • You should paint your nails with nail quality as well as giving the same color also give you more strength.

With these beauty tips will have your hands always beautiful and well maintained.

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