4 Whose Products Do Not I Could Do Without (For Makeup In 5 Minutes)


“In the morning I only have 5 minutes to wear makeup but I will not give up the makeup.”

Those who work or study often do not have time to devote to makeup in the morning, but even if it does not seem true you can get a perfect makeup in minutes.

How? With a little ‘practice, certainly, but also using the right products. Here are my 4 favorite products to wear makeup when I’m in a hurry (and not)!

4 Products to Be Beautiful in Minutes

  • Mascara

The beauty product which I can not do without is mascara: it only takes one pass to make the lashes to widen and feminine and seductive eyes immediately.

My trick to get a false eyelash effect? Be the first to use a lengthening mascara, then we apply a volumizer to give fullness to lashes: the result is spectacular!

The two mascaras I use at present are:

  • Lengthening mascara by Nee Makeup Milan (discovered thanks to Glossy Box )
  • Volume Mascara Top Coat by Kiko

The Makeup Mascara is phenomenal, already enough to create beautiful lashes. I love his consistency and his brush handy. The mascara Kiko, however, has a round brush and creates a plumping up, and I often get compliments on my eyelashes!


  • Illuminating Concealer

I find that Highlighting is a beauty product revolutionary and highly useful in all situations, when you have only a few minutes to make up but also with so many other makeup.

I put it on the eyelids to give a touch of brightness, as the eyes to hide dark circles discreetly, cheekbones to emphasize them, around the lips to create a visual effect volumizing. What I use is applied with a brush and is very quick to put on, then ultra recommended for when you are in a hurry (but not only).

My Highlighting of trust:

Luminys Touch Illuminating Concealer by Pupa

When I discovered I never left and it’s my favorite enlightening. Applies quickly, is light on the skin, gives a natural glow: 10 and praise!

  • Fard

The third essential is the fastest of my makeup blush. A good blush, to match your skin tone, is capable of giving immediate radiance to the face and gently sculpt the features.

I apply it with a soft brush on cheekbones, creating an oval shape, the tip of the nose, chin and on his forehead (as recommended by makeup artists). This of course only because my blusher is very small and light, but if I opt for a darker blush to the cheeks and I just use the illumimante for other areas!


The blush that I love:

Cotto by Pupa Fard Luminys
Even the blush} I rely on Pupa, which is one of my favorite brand of makeup. This silky, light blush is perfect for a radiant face. Do not ever leave him!

  • Lip balm

Finally, I just need a bit of lip balm to finish my makeup quickly. I prefer to lipstick as a matter of convenience and because it does not just rub the lips, but nourishes and moisturizes at the same time.

To save time it is also the perfect lip gloss color because unlike lipstick should not be stretched to perfection, but just two applications and a snap of the lips for a delightful effect.

The lip balm of the moment:

Lush Lips Lip Balm with Coconut Oil by Super
The} I recently found out through QVC, the shopping channel online, and I find it wonderful. It is highly nutritious, glossy lips and fantastic ingredients (no silicone or Paraffinum Liquidum). Better than that you can not!

Now that I revealed my “magic tricks” up to you, what are the products of which you could not do without? And you have a special routine for when you’re in a hurry?

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