Treatment grape .. The latest means of treating skin

Treatment grape

It’s time to skin a taste of grape treatment is the last cry of the anti-aging products.

Emphasizes nutrition experts that the grape has many benefits, it reduces the incidence of heart disease and some types of cancer, as well as osteoporosis, and studies have shown that the modern has a significant impact on the skin, and seeds of grapes, the impact of the forces in the field of skin care and use derivatives in the products to fight aging. Have begun some cosmetic companies to benefit from grapes instead of using the compositions as harmful because it contains antioxidants..

Mathidle Thomas says of the company Caudalie Skin Care:
Grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidants, the substances that fight the appearance of wrinkles and protect you from premature aging. Seeds of grapes, more efficient 10,000 times of vitamin E and more powerful than vitamin C and the grapes rich in vitamin B and many minerals, and also contains the acid, the tartaric, which activates the skin and increases its ability to renew cells and resistant lines and wrinkles and leaves a soft shine a light and lively.

As well as fit on antioxidants, Victory at the skin and reduces the production of enzymes that affect the rate of collagen and elastin in the inner layer of the skin and thus makes the skin stronger and more youthful, and contains the seeds of grapes are also some acids essential to the beauty of the skin such as EFAS that feed Dry skin and makes it softer.

The company discovered that the Caudalie grape also contains material increase of youth and vitality of the skin, when Taatkdmin in age and begin to renew skin cells slowly grapes helps to stimulate the secretion of cellulite, which helps to improve cell renewal cycle and are rich in grape seed Balsliuliet.

Derivatives have become of concern to grape a lot of cosmetic companies, which began in the manufacture of skin care products from grapes, these products will be put on the market soon. When you eat grapes, received a seed .. Our advice for you to remember that the most important part in the grape.

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