To make you beautiful without makeup .. Follow the following


It easy for you to get used to spend a long time in front of the mirror Makers make-up to please pack yourself to work day or evening out, try to take a break from that routine boring by easing makeup, not only to provide a long time, but also Stthbta you do not need to makeup a heavy show in the beautiful body; in some time as it was lighter, the better. Here are some tips that will help experts to appear on the best form, and to feel confident in yourself and in your skin:

The bright colors of clothing:
If you wear clothing with colors neutral always, Vejrebi add some colors have, colors bright You may view shining on your skin; for example, the color dark red to brown skin with clothes have color warm can drag rosarium natural to your cheeks, and blue or green skin white with her other clothes cool tones will improve eye color.


The form of eyebrows:
Shape of the brow right to adequate can change the shape of your face in full; Valhajpan Appropriate they can make the eyes seem more spacious, and provide a framework for a beautiful face, and put me in mind that the arch eyebrow should be on the angle a slash of the pupil and can be measured by your finger, it is best to visit Beauty Center specialist to adjust the shape of eyebrow if that is the first time to do that then you can Illthma in your home with ease.

Moisturize the skin:
May look like the skin drier more advanced in age and more Ahobh of the form real, Return the freshness of the skin of children to your face and your body through the use of moisturizer daytime is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, since these powerful ingredients help to rid your skin of toxins accumulated during the day even become brighter and softer, and the best time to be a moist after washing the face directly, while the skin is wet, which helps to keep my Palmrdob on the skin.

The form of clothes:
You can divert attention away from your face by wearing clothes that can highlight the neckline, and you will find the slot in V-neck clothing can make your neck much longer and make you much longer and thinner. Or choose a slot with a square neck to show where the collarbone area look more feminine that the paper no matter what your size or Shaklak.

Holy Night:
Skin can afford routine tougher before bed to help to appear better during the day, and can creams retinol slowing the aging of the skin as they contain Vitamin A which encourages cell transformation, which helps the skin to produce collagen more to soften the skin, and where it makes your skin more sensitivity to the sun likes to use them only at night.

Spray the face:
If you do not Tnama Phnom quiet and the night, tired and appeared evident when you wake up, you can hide it using a bottle of spray with water, this is everything you need to get a skin bright immediately and luminous, with added water spray moisture directly into your face, making your face more beautiful, and you can spray on your face at any time.

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