Tips for hair care in winter

 hair care

Do not you go out with wet hair.

Many of us warned us when we were little that if we went out into the street with wet hair in the winter months, pescariamos pneumonia.

Well, medical science has debunked the old tale of the maiden aunts, but if you go out with wet hair when it’s freezing outside, you have a good chance that your hair will freeze. Frozen water causes it to expand and, if your hair has absorbed moisture and the moisture freezes, it expands, it will generate damaged hair.

In winter, to make sure your hair is protected, never forget secartelo carefully before going out. Be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner rich in proteins, as well as a leave-in conditioner before you dry your hair in the wind, but then dry the hair completely.

Choose a style compatible with the needs of winter.

In the winter months, choose a style that is easy to carry and allows you to wrap up. It is possible for a rich style with lots of volume and curls is not the best option if you live in a world where you need a hat for warmth when you go out. Winter is not exactly the best season for a very short haircut at the gamine.

Scarves are your friends.

One of the hardest aspects of winter on the hair is related to clothing. Jackets, wool hats, earmuffs: all these elements play havoc with your hair. In some cases, even lead you to have a damaged hair, or hair fibers static and frizz loose. Solve this problem using a silk scarf or satin as a barrier between your hair and hat, hood, or earmuffs.

Simply, roll your hair in a scarf before wearing winter clothing. The fabric of the scarf will protect your hair from the harsh winter air and neutralize static charge is usually generated at this time of year.

Most people think that summer is the season that makes your hair has the largest number of symptoms of dryness. Those people are wrong.

When you expose your hair to heat and sunlight in the summer months, your body sweats and your oil glands work more than necessary to lubricate and keep the hair hydrated. In winter, you are constantly moving from a cold and wet outside environment to another heated where the air has been stripped of all their moisture from any and all heating methods that exist today.

Make sure you keep your hair protected from the bloody effects of heated interior, where most of the time pasasla. Use a leave-in conditioner and / or an anti-frizz serum to make sure your hair is sealed against moisture loss.

Static control

Apart from the wear caused by winter clothes, the hair can generate a static charge during the winter months simply by walking on a carpeted floor. Bring in your pocket a small bottle of hairspray and get a smooth application as you feel the static begins to grow. The spray will neutralize the static charge and will help you keep your hair shiny and manageable when temperatures are very low.

The sweaters and clothing made of natural fibers, typical of winter will exacerbate the problem of static. You can combat this problem of static from clothing using an anti-static spray on your clothes or resort to the easiest solution to put more of fabric softener in your dryer.

These simple tips can make a big difference in your hair this winter. Do not get won over by the cold. Be prepared for beautiful hair and make 30 degree heat or 15 below zero.

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