They prefer smooth

They prefer smooth

“I want my hair stay smooth, silky and shiny when I wash my hair and that will last me.” This is a request common when women go to the stylist. Fortunately, to satisfy those desires is now easier than ever, as the cosmetics market offers options to suit the conditions of each hair type and needs of each person.

To do the experts have devised chemical formulas that penetrate the hair shaft and break the internal structure of hair-bridges that are the ones that give the shape-to rebuild from the inside out, what it can change its appearance.

According to the technique is applied, these changes may be permanent or temporary. In the first case the transformation is achieved between 70 and 100% of the bridges, leaving the hair completely restructured, this is again just as before when it grows again. In the second case, switching between 30 and 50% and the effect is temporary, there is a time of action.

In principle, the chemist capillary Nydia Bruzual clarifies that in fact there are only three types of permanent straightening, but commercial firms for marketing strategy, get to know them with different names (thermal, Japanese, Brazilian, ionic etc.), although the active components are the same. First things first:

The straightening:

Is the strongest and is used in very curly or ethnic hair. In this process the strands are transformed with products based on sodium hydroxide, which can change from 70 to 100% of the hair fiber. Apply with dirty hair (four to eight days without washing) and should not touch the scalp. Currently there are creams on the market with advanced technology to care for and protect the hair fiber.

Trade name: Desriz.

Running time: Six to eight months. Warrants only touches the tips to protect roots, about every three to six months.

Maintenance: Hydration and nutrition twice a month, can be colored with permanent dye at 15 days or apply tone on tone (without ammonia) the same day. Not to be ironed. The use of rolls with dryer on medium heat.

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