Spring Tip: Coconut Iceland Massage in Hamburg


Even if the spring is currently not at its best can show (yes, April), one must be from the bad weather and low temperatures, far from spoiling the mood.

Finally, now is a good time to pamper yourself once again really: for example, the Coconut Iceland Massage in Hamburg Meridian Spa that provides pure with nourishing coconut oil, a touch of mint and a combination of very relaxing massage techniques for holiday feeling.

The Coconut Iceland takes about 50 minutes massage and costs 59 €. Two of which € go to the Children’s Foundation years to allow underprivileged children from Hamburg sunny moments.

The offer is valid from 1 April 31 July 2012. At the end of the massage, there is a coconut-chocolate confectionery of Paulsen. Who wants to make an appointment: 040/65 89-0. Schooon! Also a good gift idea.

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