Skin Care From The Inside

Skin Care

Having a skin that makes you look younger is a desire shared by many women around the world. So modern cosmetics is based increasingly on creating specialized products to ensure the freshness of the skin.

To stop the passage of time is vital to keep a healthy lifestyle, eat a nutritionally balanced diet, foster a constant routine cleaning and skin care, in addition to using sunscreen, says Pilar Manrique, a dermatologist.

The skin reflects the health and is a clear demonstration of what happens inside the body. For example, it looks dull, dry and flaky when you are exposed to drugs or chemicals, or if you have not slept enough and you’re tired. Otherwise if you eat properly, drink pure water, you exercise and use beauty products appropriate to the needs that require skin according to your age.

Stop the clock starts with diet

Isabel del Castillo, a graduate in traditional Chinese medicine and a specialist in applied nutrition and dietetics, says that to achieve skin looking fresh and youthful, it is essential to consider basic issues such as: the production of collagen, moisture balance, achieving luminosity, and all, prevent premature aging.

The dietitian suggests that to maintain good production of collagen and achieve adequate fiber network and facial tissues, you need to consume vitamin C, present in citrus fruits, strawberries, sprouts, fruits and vegetables, minerals such as silicon and magnesium in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, seaweed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and others.

Moreover, the required skin hydration is not achieved only by drinking water. It is also necessary that the cells have the capacity to maintain the appropriate moisture content, which depends among other things, the good state of cell membranes. To do this, is recommended to consume essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 of the pumpkin and flax seeds, nuts, oily fish, wheat germ and sesame.

A good supply of nutrients does not guarantee adequate absorption if the system is full of waste substances. In other words, an opaque skin denotes a degree of poisoning of the tissues and poor circulation. A nutritious diet and sport stimulates circulation and increases the clearance of toxins.

And to prevent aging skin needs antioxidants intake, since direct exposure to sun, air pollution or make it vulnerable to deterioration.

Avoid it depends on an adequate intake of vitamin E and selenium, from olive oil, bee pollen, onions, eggs and yeast.

Become a friend of the creams

Combined with good nutrition, modern cosmetic products formulated with full of specific technologies need of the skin, also contribute to care. Preparations with vitamins A, B, C, E and K are excellent for keeping skin radiant and healthy, help prevent the onset of the first signs of aging.

The dermatologist Manrique says that medical studies show how vitamin A reduces fine lines, wrinkles, acne control and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

In addition, vitamin B gives a healthy glow to the skin while hydrating cells and to retain moisture the skin looks younger and healthier.

The American Academy of Dermatology, apply nutrients consisting of vitamins C and E help reduce skin damage caused by pollution, cigarette smoke and sunlight.

Apply to face creams that combine these vitamins awakens the production of collagen, which is lost over the years, and helps to moisturize combating dry skin and offsetting the effect of free radicals.

Vitamin K traditionally known to help blood clotting, is also an important component to reduce the circles or grooves that appear under the eyes, as it helps to fade the bruises on the skin. Its effect is even greater combined with retinol.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid is another essential component for the tissues, because it provides skin hydration volume and hence reduces the depth of fine lines to prevent re wrinkles.

Dexpanthenol is another component which stimulates skin regeneration of skin, especially when the body is at rest, it is basic in overnight use products.

Dermatologically speaking is shown that, after age 30 begin hormonal changes that mark each stage in the female body. It is at this age is effective start preventing wrinkles.

Beware according to your age

Because cosmetic formulas are made from essential vitamins, Juan Carlos Salgado, scientific director of Innovation and Development Belcorp on a recent visit to Guatemala stated that it is also necessary for dermal care creams use age-appropriate of the skin.

Having a facial care routine since he is very young results in healthy skin at all times.

Dermatologically speaking is shown that, after age 30 begin hormonal changes that mark each stage in the female body. It is at this age is effective start preventing wrinkles. Therefore having and maintaining a specialized feeding routine for your skin becomes imminent need for face care.

A moment in the skin lasts a lifetime, says Salgado. Therefore, in this age is when you should take care more consistently, because the dermis and retains no more than a quart of water per day, renewing its cells take longer to do their jobs and face vital nutrients gradually go lost, causing the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Used to prevent special treatment and complete the dermis provide nutrients that it needs, while respecting the skin type, time of day and most sensitive area and care for the eye area. Constant use is responsible not only to prevent the first signs of aging, but also to minimize fine lines, improve skin elasticity, moisturize and protect it from UV rays.

Arriving at the four decades

At this stage it is increasingly slow the process of skin cell renewal, the binding sites of natural fibers that make up your “mesh” support wear out quickly, making it less firmly. To minimize these effects using a technology that has treatment to restore the joints tensioning vital epidermis. Your continued use minimizes wrinkles, and hydrates provides firmer, says Juan Carlos Salgado.

From 50 years

At this age the skin needs nourishment and renewal. At this stage expression lines are a reality, so keeping the firmness of the skin is the main objective.

For women is a time of change. With the advent of menopause hormonal activity decreases, the aging process is accelerated and cell regeneration is reduced by almost fifty percent.

In addition, loss of essential nutrients and decreased production of collagen and elastin, causing the epidermis and dermis become weak and consequently the skin to lose elasticity, become dry and become thinner. The result is obvious and deeper wrinkles in the face.

However, what matters is not alarmed by the changes experienced by the skin during the natural aging process, but to incorporate and maintain specialized treatment. “At 50 facial tissues relax, the oval face builds up slowly and facial tension begins to ‘fall’ due to degradation of the support structure of the skin, collagen and elastin fibers.

Therefore, to reaffirm these tissues requires the application of products that nourish the dermis with the nutrients needed to not only fulfill its function, but also shows its beauty and vitality.

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