Of nature .. Diamond to polish your skin to tighten and pearls

Diamond to polish

Precious stones were formed in the ground and the deep sea, crossed the elements through the passage of time, campaign titles many ancient civilizations, was the king sapphire, diamond and most powerful, and pearl gift from heaven.

Are rare, precious and charming the hearts of women, no doubt, including natural, including organic, and because it is stored in the formulations of chemical secrets of eternal youth thanks to its richness in minerals, embarked researchers in the laboratories of cosmetics global processing methods and techniques that allow to benefit from the advantages of therapeutic and cosmetic procedures, has crafted crushed to become microscopic particles used directly on the skin, to settle inside the wrinkles and pores Vtgzb reflected light and brighter and younger.

Reached up to a certain extent be liquidated in order to extract the pure mineral salts are blended with the active compounds from algae and vitamins, penetrate deep into the skin together, to serve all properties within the composite.

Valenhac actively works to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and zinc which is essential in the growth phase helps cell regeneration and accelerate the healing process and strengthen the defenses of cells, and selenium works as an antioxidant and Kmquaom invalidates the work of wild roots that cause premature skin aging.

Diamond to polish

And because the body does not produce minerals, naturally, must be obtained from external sources, either through food, either in the form of Food supplements or through the use of topically directly to the skin through combinations cosmetic that has become available within the groups brands specialized in this field.

Diamonds: highest position among precious stones, glow in the combinations «the Prince», «La Prairie», and «Dasanj».

It treats in a special way so that the spherical Dzeiyate not scratch the skin, is used for the Huskers dead cells on the surface of the skin effect is similar to peeling microscopy in beauty centers, giving the skin redness and cohesion Vngdo tight and homogeneous radiate freshness and brighter.

Pearl: coming from the depths of the sea to settle in combinations effective in «Helena Rubinstein» and «Carita» products «Balmax» carries in his veins calcium-resistant aging, working in harmony with vitamins «G» and «H».

And works to strengthen the fabric of the skin will prevent the loss of water element, helping to restore elastic fiber network of collagen and elastin seems tight free of wrinkles.

Sapphire: king of precious stones and Onderha, is available in formulations «Gimologi», works deep in the cells can recite the work of the sebaceous glands and reduces inflammation of the skin and is effective for wrinkles resistant.

Sbj: Tuff is active in the preparations «Armani». Many benefits it contains a high content of sodium and potassium, helps cell regeneration, also removes the effects of stress and fatigue seems bright and supple skin.

Malachite: turquoise, dark green veins and interacts with the products «Sisley» and «Bio», which is rich in copper which strengthens the defenses of the cells in the resistance to external factors and cumbersome suits skins that suffer from the effects of the sun. Researchers currently working on vehicles entered in the custom to take care of the body as a whole.

Amber: Consists of fossilized tree resin, is available within the products «Guerlain» is characterized by its ability to tighten the skin and erase wrinkles, it also has strongly invalidate the accumulated effects of the sun into the fabric of the skin.

Amethyst: Stone stimulates circulation and therefore allows the arrival of oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin, is also working on activating the production of elastin and collagen fibers.

Alroducrozi pink: Products available in the «Sisley» The advantage of riches which strengthens defenses manganese cells and removes the skin from the effects of fatigue, as it is resistant to the photochemically active free radicals that speed up the relaxation of the skin and Tahedlha.

It should be noted that many of the global beauty centers introduced in the specialized programs in skin care, precious stones through massage, each case was appropriate cameo.

Valtormalan for example, fits the skin which has lost its luster cumbersome, because it raises the body temperature by one degree Celsius, with the active circulation after gaining accurate and facies redness and radiance.

Can not also overlook the power of precious metals and their impact, because of their therapeutic advantages in the field of luxury cosmetic care. Gold is active in the preparations «Guerlain», «La Prairie» «Helena Rubinstein» products «Balmax», and is characterized by its ability to neutralize roots loose causing the deterioration of cells, as it penetrates into the skin, and activates the process of cell regeneration and stem damage elastin and collagen, a material responsible for the softness and flexibility of the skin.

Used by swishing his papers on the entire body so that the particles disintegrate and become a small scarf radiant damage to the body. The silver, be strong in small quantities in cosmetics «Dasanj», acting on cell regeneration and that was recommended for dry scalp over the head.

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