Makeup Remove Dark Circles


What they need to cover is:

  • Pencil or orange background corrector, orange lip
  • Pencil-colored skin concealer, a shade lighter than your skin
  • Translucent Powder
  • Makeup-Base
  • A sponge to spread.


First, spread the circles with pencil basic orange color then spread gently using your fingertips, and then applies the pencil eye concealer, ideally with the help of a brush finite.

This part list, then apply your foundation, which is spreading with the sponge, mild and gentle touches. After one minute left to dry and apply the translucent powder.

This will be the staining technique to reduce dark circles effectively. Before, I applied only the white out and then the foundation, without even thinking that the orange background color was the most effective remedy for these annoying spots.

A lipstick in shade of orange is a good substitute for an orange base corrector, just be careful not to exaggerate in their application, and as in all things, the secret is practice, practice, practice until they do all the steps, is a question almost automatically, without force or sacrifice.

Invest one day of the weekend to practice new techniques of embellishment is the most rewarding they can do.

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