Makeup Radiance: bet on the color and brightness


Transparent skin, intense eyes and greedy mouth, we make up the summer light. In weightlessness, the colors and light fruity deposited on the faces of dust sparkles, colored keys and pearly shine. Rosy cheeks, so walk to the seaside or tan back from vacation, new textures micronized lead the dance.

Extremely light and flexible, the textures of today offer the pleasure of playing with reflections, modulating tones and invent one product with a new harmony effects. Highlighters fluids, powders, pearl, iridescent brilliant mingle in the many shades of color effects of materials.

But useless to dream of a bright makeup a flawless complexion without. Even with the current product, you can not do it. So before playing the painters, prepare your canvas with application.

Prepare your skin for makeup!

Before applying your cream base, congestion your face in it sprayed a cool mist of thermal water and clean it gently with a cotton ball.

Continue this club, by a three-minute massage, which is to gently pinch the skin from the bottom to the top of the face to activate micro-circulation. Energized, the complexion regain its natural color. So you can easily choose one of your foundation.

Opt for a natural complexion

For a complexion, tone on tone, color reference mark is at jaw. One can always choose to invent a paler or darker than hers, but careful not too get away. A difference of two tones in one way or the other is a maximum. After so may the clown makeup.

Pending the arrival of the sun, fair complexions to provide a healthy glow pink, apricot or peach. The naturally dyed golden play of orange and brown copper.


The complexion of the evening is more pearly under the lights. To highlight the face, it works with illuminators, these emulsions sublime silky complexion with micro-mirrors whose purpose is to divert the light of small imperfections. To ask directly before applying foundation or mixed with it, evens skin texture and prepare it for makeup.

If dark circles under the eyes, do not hesitate to use a concealer you choose a shade lighter than your complexion. Apply it directly with a brush or fingertips. Its smoothing will be done by light tapping.

Finally, even out your complexion with a veil of loose powder placed gently with a powder puff or a large brush on the face.

Bet on the subtle tone on tone

The launch of three in a fashion created the Tone on Tone. We do everything with the same product. A single pearl stick to shade the eyes, enhance the complexion and lip makeup. Hyper-practical, this makeup still requires a certain skill because it’s all about nuances.

If the mouth wears a hot pink lipstick bright eyes and a pink complexion will be discreet. This is by feel and by taming the textures of these new products you doserez your makeup.

Combine creativity with colors of your pallets

Surprisingly bright and colorful, colors palettes are for much more tender than they appear. The pink or yellow buttercups are proving particularly delightful and light at the edge of the lower eyelids.

Shades of pink are the highlights and pose as halo or keys on the entire face. All pastel colors are permitted: purple, lilac, almond green or yellow. To you to play individually or mix them to create other shades.

Do not be afraid of anything, dare summer colors

Enjoy the summer to force the colors. Begin by brushing your eyebrows upwards to delineate and draw your eye. Then apply the makeup clearest in the inner corner of the eyelid and darker in the outer corner.

Have fun with pencils as cream bring a touch of sophistication to the makeup. And do not forget to enhance your eyes with mascara that encase revolutionary, lengthen, curl and separate lashes the most rebellious. They are enriched with new colors irresistible eccentricity.

Plump and shiny, treat yourself to a sexy mouth

Transparent gloss, lipstick, ultra-bright, wet texture effect, you will have no excuse for this summer pursed lips and thin. The new textures of lipsticks catch the light and make your lips thicker by optical illusion. If you continue to doubt, you can give effect to plump your lips with a pencil beige-pink.

Delimit the contour of your lips with a pencil and fill them with a natural pink lipstick, put a brush. Then apply a touch of gloss transparent from the center of the lips. The gloss will spread naturally throughout the mouth. Indeed pulpy natural guaranteed.

Finally, remember to up the nails. Varnishes are so pretty and easy to apply that one can not help to give our lipsticks. Play the most mischievous opposition, orange lips and hands purple lilacs. Anyway, the result will not go unnoticed and this is perfect because in fact the color, that’s life!

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