Makeup for a Summer Night


So today we unveil the next steps to achieve a consistent look amazing and with summer temperatures as well as with our skin tone, more golden and dark. Makeup is always essential to follow a series of steps that will help and guide you in this task.

Before you begin with makeup wash your face with soap and water so that it is smooth and uniform. Also, good lighting and enough space to work are acknowledged in the final result.

First, and with clean skin, you have to hide the imperfections of our face with a concealer. Grains, dark circles or blemishes can pass to another life if we apply the proper way a product that resembles our skin tone and to provide uniformity.

Then you have to give life to face with a makeup that bring you light.

As we are making up for the night, you should use a makeup heavier than we can use during the day, as it is more opaque. If you have golden skin can draw on a database that will relate golds your tan. If yours does not you can always turn to use self-tanning creams and powders, which, spread evenly, giving a natural golden color and the most flattering.

On a night eye makeup become the main protagonist of our face. A deeper look will enhance the attractiveness of our features, and help us enhance our natural beauty. Always eye makeup based on our natural color, thus, for the summer if your eyes are light-green or blue tones contrast-uses such as amber, pinks and golds. If you have a look darker-brown or black-bet by blacks and grays to deepen and attention.

The eyeliner should never go it alone, always be combined with the tone used for shadow and mascara. An extension used to get more volume.

As for the lips, in summer you have to empower the most but not recharge. It is highly recommended that if you have makeup on a light pastel tones in keeping with your natural color you paint the lips using a very intense color, because the contrast can be frightening. What is sought to empower them is to get volume, and ideally it is a gloss of pink or light, in addition to highlight protect them from wind and heat.

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