Hairstyles this winter


When we define how we see ourselves, it is essential to pay special attention to our hair. It is there, on top of our body, where the key is to look taller and slender. When the focus is placed on that area, it appears that the extra inches come almost naturally. So, literally, your image is armed from head to toe.

Seize the change of season, knows what’s coming this winter 2011 hairstyles and choose the best options and reasons according to your style and type of face. Maybe you can change look? Here are some tips.

  • The jopos or shakes are a must this season, but take into account that if your face is long hair it would emphasize this even more. A good alternative is to place an optical section with a good gone in your eyes or rectangular-framed glasses so they can achieve the goal of visually shorten your face.
  • The braids are not only part of the romantic style but looks can be worn sexy or hippie chic. Cooked both as simple ranging along the head are allowed. The latest: the tresses that cut diagonally across the back and then can end in a ponytail or bun.
  • The rims that give a natural look, urban informal and continue making waves this season. Not only can you take on the top of the head, but also to the nape of the neck or side. A secret: fit with an important accessory to apply or that the focus is increased. Of course, according to the size of your bun and attachment, avoids the use of pendants so you do not pass from the other side and the modern and flattering look recharged in excess.
  • A good way to end a simple look, but still be elegant or canchera, as you prefer, you pick up your hair with the familiar “ponytails.” The most chic is drop it on one side to give you a sexy wave or divided into two for a day out. Important to put a brooch or seal it with invisible hair around, are options that you can test for different occasions.
  • The “hair in the wind” is a classic that always looks good. Tene mind that, for angular faces with very sharp tips is better to opt for natural waves or a permanent subtle. The most prolific straight airs and ladys but more marked features. Parted in the middle, and passing behind the ears, this look makes your face look more elongated.
  • The basic kit. It is essential to have a good hair dryer and a brush that can mold your hair as you wish. Always Please keep in your home medicine cabinet and a spray fixative invisible leaving no loose hair in hair collected and night.
  • Accessories. A copper-colored brooch, a flower or a small handkerchief bearing the details that would strengthen many of the styles that make you go to it and give you a special and distinguished.

Animate using new hairstyles and change, is a good step to make you feel different. So you recognize that you can bring to perfection different styles and bring life and shine to set own classic or natural makeup.

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