Give your lips a smile bright and healthy treat with Vaseline to the lips of the new


Of which do not fall in love with a piece of accessory or Almjhorat?
No woman on earth does not fall in love with her heart jewelry.

So you invented the “Vaseline,” a new treatment for your lips inside the package with a magnificent full of Swarovski crystals outside the famous silver on the body of the packaging, and blue, which is mediated by a white flower in her heart crystal gold on the lid.


It is a preparation “Vaseline Lip Therapy Mini jar”, it is a package small enough to allow you to cum as an ingredient makeup bag, and you can brag about it to everyone.

Provides you with the following:

  • Gives your lips a deep moisturizing.
  • Address all the problems of inflammation or dry and cracked.
  • Provides softness.
  • Giving it a brighter attractive.

If you prefer a pen with red lips but you do not like to put a large amount of it licked his lips with a layer of petroleum jelly, and then my lipstick.

Can also be mixed with red lips to act as polished to look normal.

And the most beautiful that its price less than $ 2.

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