Foot and makeup: how to be bear the classiest?

Foot and makeup

Football fan and sexy, it’s possible. With this guide the make-up, Doctissimo will make you a supporter of both original and committed.

What make you choose?

A persistent urban legend has it that some are adorned with the colors of their team with great strokes of paint, then wiped with white spirit. If the experience of other unconscious attempt, we should point out that the White Spirit is full of toxins and the proximity to your eyes, mouth and nose could you send to the hospital.

If you’re the kind of basic, so let down gouache and adopt the Fanbrush. This stick bicolor or tricolor (lots of colors are available) costs 6 euros and can make up a hundred times a bear, or a hundred fans once – but not one hundred supporters hundred times. Only real drawback: the Fanbrush allows no artistic freedom! If it is to have the same head that everyone is does it worth to wear makeup?

Go to impress friends, he’ll have to find something else. For now, no department store offers makeup kits (but it may come). You have to go in fancy dress shops to find happiness, or to type straight into the various supermarkets in the toy.

But if you have not planned and the game starts in five minutes?

Steering the bathroom, and go for the diversion of product. If you support the France team, no problem to find the white man to put on the skin, and no worries either for red (lipstick low end will fully use and do not irritate the skin). For blue and other colors, the simplest is probably a mix of eye shadow (beautiful blue cheap in Arcancil, 5.60 euros) with a cream, until dough is easy to apply.

Obviously if you only have the Chanel, be ready to leave the bank account …

And hair?

There, honestly, it will not be simple. Hairdressers traditional non-blue dye, you may find yourself with a head half red and half white: to support Japan! For other countries, it is a little harder (and for Brazil, you forget altogether). It remains hairdressers “rock”, but now it can cost really expensive, or with homemade dyes purchased from professional providers – but better not to start without experience.

So we have to cheat, that is to say rummage shops costumes (yes, again!), Tracking down multicolored sprays and cough up at each meeting (these dyes do not wash).

And nail?

You can play the total look: nail extensions + tricolor paint, 60 euros with the beautician in the area. Add another 28 euros if you want toenails. For this price (albeit a bit too much) you avoid the ridiculous excesses, and you have grounds (flowers blue-white-red flames … whatever you want).

Obviously if you’re broke, it’ll just make do with the means at hand: Sephora, count 3.20 euros for a nail polish (all colors are available and pretty). To avoid the risk of overflow, paint your nails first all in white and let dry. Then help yourself to a piece of paper to color lines neat (and let dry between coats!).

As long as you have four hours to spare, you will be the star of the World. Simplest and probably most impressive: lay a white base, then five red dots on each nail. In the center of the five points, put a blue dot … Here, you have a floral colors of the Blues!

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