Elisa Hosk “reveals the secrets of her beauty,” Victoria’s Secret Model


Reveal to us today, the latest model from the models products brand “Victoria’s Secret,” the World, which offers also offers important for cosmetics brands many world-renowned, including “Dolce & Gabbana” and “Guess” and “Ungaro” the secret of freshness and beauty overlooking it enjoyed since being student in school, but postponed work as a model of its desire to complete her studies as she had an urgent desire to practice basketball, which would probably say that is very popular in Sweden but Elisa was able to take the positive benefits of it.

In an interview with them on a site Fashion said: “Despite the fact that the basketball sport is not on this scale in Sweden, but they are difficult and time-consuming,” and was designed from which to give her life a kind of seriousness and explore the world around them to get to know a lot of people to pay back to the front.

When she entered the field of modeling left a huge impression not only for its beauty, but for her upbeat bright, so you can every woman to win this amazing panoramic decided that all women and the spread of all the secrets of her beauty and attractiveness.

How to take care Bbashrtha?
Elisa declare that the secret behind her skin lasting hydration moisturizing lotion be used for the massive “Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Sheer Lotion Hydrating Body Lotion”.


Contains natural ingredients which are:

  • Aloe Vera to nourish the skin.
  • Oats.
  • Grape seed extracts.
  • Anti-oxidant vitamins are vitamin “E & C”.
  • Cotton.
  • Wild iris.

    Benefits for the skin:

    • Gives nutrition.
    • Provides a massive hydration.
    • Silky texture.
    • A refreshing sense of catchy.
    • The presence of aromatic scent of wild iris.
    • Available at the price (12 $).


    Suntan beautiful:
    Do Elissa what it can to keep away from the exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, so always put lotion and protective against the sun and prefer to get a suntan on their own through the spray tan to look like her skin shining through the use of lotion suntan “Pink Luminous
    Bronzing Lotion” and characterized by the following:

    • Contains natural oils.
    • Addresses the problems of dry skin and gives silky texture.
    • Giving it a wonderful view of bronze.
    • He will not need the risk of exposure to sunlight.
    • Available at the price (12 $).

      The bag with the wonderful “Beach Sexy Go-to-Glow Travel Kit” which contains three products enhance shine and softness and the health of the skin and is available at the price (25 $).

      The secret of attractiveness and health of her hair:
      Because the secret of beauty and glamor hair Elisa permanent to be used to mask the hair during sleep, and says it put this mask, and damage to her hair with a towel for the fed and gives him a moisturizing dramatically higher than what he is doing soothes, and run our two products, namely “Kerastase” and “Redken”, in addition to the product ” So Sexy “, and Shampoo” Dry Shampoo “Dry available at the price (14 $).


      • Give your hair cleans fast without the need for water.
      • Makes you feel Pantashh.
      • A compound in the form of powder, oats, rice, designed to absorb the excess oil in the hair of view is vital.
      • Safe for all hair types.
      • Deals with the color of his hair he repeats overlooking attractive.

      Beauty makeup:
      Elisa advises every woman to keep it simple when you use a make-up and run her cosmetics “Mybelline Mascaras” Vmaha:


      • Gives lashes a full length.
      • Do not Taatktl above the lashes.
      • Safe on sensitive eyes.
      • No matter how short the lashes you can rely on for the best views.
      • Available at the price ($ 3.99).

      Pen and lipstick “VS Makeup Perfect Lipsticks), which accounts for the following features:

      • Creamy texture gives lips silky texture and long-lasting coverage.
      • Contains Heh butter and vitamin “E” to nourish lips and moisturizing.
      • You can use it by putting a small part and then scan the rest of the lip color if you want to thin, but if you want to color a prominent Put a thick layer of it.
      • Available at the price (13 $).

      Paper tempting fragrance:
      Of the most closest to her heart perfume perfume “Pink Beach Summer Crush Body Mist” and contains the following breeze of nature:

      • Wild Orchid breeze.
      • Cranberries.
      • Available at the price ($ 18).

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