Day Makeup

Day Makeup

For eyes:

Daytime makeup plays with pastel colors like pink and blue (the blue charge full role in the summer when more tanned to be more flattering).

  • Curl the lashes and used a mask that does not run all day or ruin your makeup.
  • Use a brown pencil between the lashes to thicken during the day and so naturally pastel highlight the eyelid.
  • Comb your eyebrows and give way without overdoing it.

In the cheeks pink is the protagonist and texture cream, apply your usual blush and then you tap the cream blush only at the center of your cheek, blend with fingertips for a natural finish.

Lip moisturizer grab bar in pink, similar to your lip to create harmony with the rest of your makeup.

It’s easy to get makeup trend this season, especially with the pastels.

Light colors are easy to work, follow these steps to get the look:

  • Choose a shadow in shades of pink, is a good choice and very flattering.
  • Apply a concealer on the eyelid to the shadow set easily with a brush and then apply the pink shadow in the eyelid. Remember blur in the area of bone.
  • With a brown pencil or “eyeliner” marks the upper lashes and blend slightly to thicken.
  • Double layer of mascara after curling beech.
  • If you want to give more drama to your look, apply a line with the stylus on the lower lashes and blend well with the brush.
  • You can make up the eye with a pencil inside vanilla to make it bigger and cleaner look.

The cheekbones the protagonists of the season!

Choose a bronzer this year mate, will be much more natural and you can use to contour to your face.

  • Apply under the cheek, in the nostrils and temples.
  • After the product of the season, cream blush, a touch right in the center of your cheek and blend with the fingertips with a sponge, the finish should be noticed but very natural.
  • Beware the cream blush you choose, avoid those that are too shiny or sticky, and you will not last.

The mouth

Watch your lips to get those juicy lips so sexy. This exfolialos once a week and uses lip balms to hydrate.

  • Before hidratalos makeup so that when you get to the lips are fully ready to be made up.
  • If you opt for the red bars (still on trend this season), make up the rest of your face very smooth and make sure your skin is unblemished.
  • If instead opt for a softer, choose a bar or a clear gloss or a touch of pink.
  • You can use a bright color, then a bulking up the result is spectacular!

The colors are this season daytime makeup

For the day you choose these colors:

  • Soft tones.
  • Pastel colors like pink or blue.
  • Dorados.
  • Bronzes.
  • Orange light.
  • Salmon.

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