British Sun reveals new fragrance ad for “Selena Gomez”

Selena Gomez

Newspaper “The Sun” British announcement new fragrance for the singer and actress World “Selena Williams,” which linked to a romantic relationship with the star the world famous “Justin Pierre” His films revenue huge in American cinema, which appeared to international star in the Declaration of perfume first drenched in water dress Violet the sexy looks as if immersed in water.

For its part, described the young star of her 19-year advertising campaign for new perfume as a severe allergic reaction.

I told “Selena Williams,” the newspaper “The Sun” that the water in the British advertising campaign out of the ground, so it makes the atmosphere look like Sabine and violet colors, the same color bottle of perfume, I have made the atmosphere seem as if I was swimming in aromatic.

The other hand, described the “Selena” perfume that very romantic, as it reflects the joy and fun at the same time in addition to being a fine in terms of form.

She added: “I do not really understand why I decided to be the bottom of the water in the declaration made by the advertising campaign for the new aromatic, but I felt calm and relaxed.”

The young star’s new fragrance the beginning of a series of other perfumes that will put them on the market; as this fragrance is the first perfume.

She also said: “I am happy Batra new will carry my name because it is fragrance first for me and which will be put on the market soon, and I think that the fragrance will receive the admiration of all because it is characterized by simplicity, and I wish put other versions in the event of the success of this fragrance.”

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