13 makeup tips for mature women

makeup tips

The grace of the early years is a gift to women when they see the mirror, but each stage of life has its charm and look good at maturity is not limited to Botox or surgery. Makeup has always been a tool to display female presentable to the other. And when they do not have 30 (or 40) definitely gaining importance as an ally to continue wearing the best side.

“When you’re young, bad makeup hurts your image but the same youth forgive any mistakes. When you’re an old lady, makeup can be your worst enemy if you can not use it,” says stylist Miguel Angel Duque. If you want to look good with the help of cosmetics, follow these tips. They can make a difference.

1. – Hydrate your skin and protect it THE SUN. “Women think it is not important, but you have to drink water constantly throughout the day so that the skin does not dry out and therefore does not crack. In addition, whether or not to the beach you have to put sunscreen from that used by children because it is proven that UV rays accelerate aging. ”

2. – CLEAN YOUR SKIN. “Before applying makeup is absolutely essential to have your face clean, because cosmetics can clog pores and promote an accumulation of impurities.

You must use a good soap that does not dry out the skin and lotion. To have better effects, you have to be deep facial once a month and apply nourishing masks regularly. ”

3. – PREPARE YOUR FACE WITH A MOISTURIZER. “This is not traditional products that are placed before bedtime. There are some creams on the market the firm cosmetic Mac and other houses that are specific to have better skin to makeup. When you use foundation and powder are invading the pores with pigments and oil products that make these grains appear clogged and that eventually leave scars. These creams protect the pores and make the makeup does not adhere well and are easier to remove, something that benefits mainly the mature skin that has lost elasticity. ”

4. – APPLY CORRECTION LIKE YOUR SKIN TONE. “The first thing to do to begin to make up to cover dark circles or blemishes with concealer. Have to use those that are not too dense or doughy and creamy prefer. They must also have similarity with the skin tone. Women make the mistake of putting on a slightly lighter tone, producing a transparent effect, ie the spell mutates the color of your dark circles and, if they are purple, make pink and look like raccoons. ”

5. – PUT A GREASE MATE. “Before applying the color evenly is important to place a protective cream antiperspirant. That makes the face is kept dry, despite the bustle. I can look at the booths of specialty brands. In English have label or Matte Finish Oil Control. ”

6. – APPLY A BASE OF YOUR SKIN TONE. “It’s important to do it evenly to cover the entire face. Use the base is liquid, light and not greasy, but above all, that is the exact shade of their skin. Once done, seal the base with pressed powder or loose powder the same color. When you have to place it neck and loose powder foundation with bottom-up movements and very soft to prevent redness from friction, but no to hide their wrinkles because it will be unnatural. ”

7. – SHINE EXPRESSION LINES, NOT BURY. “Women think that applying a lot based on the zone in which the disimularan wrinkles when in fact produce the opposite effect. Lines are geographical expression in the skin produced for the loss of collagen and facial movements in the same area. If you cover very basic, what you do is create a thick layer to the movement of the face cracks and makes wrinkles look deeper. To avoid it is best to illuminate it with a brush concealer in a shade slightly lighter than the skin. When they do, will have an automatic effect of bouncing light padding on the face. ”

8. – AVOID OUTLINE FINELY EYEBROWS. “You must clean and comb and then color them with a brush that is not too dark. Must be stained with a shade lighter than the hair, otherwise it will make them look older. Addition, the eyebrows should be thick, because the thin face and give rigidity to accentuate the look of lady. ”

9. – AVOID dark tones the eyelids. “White is perfect for illuminating the arch of the eyebrow because she looks up and makes it look alive. Also, eyelids should prefer the shadows to be peach to pink linked with a touch of gold to produce a pearlescent effect. Cakes but clear tones soften imperfections. Shadows are your worst enemy because they accentuate contrasts and generate attention to expression lines. ”

10. – RICE ON ITS TABS. “Be long or smaller, older women have to completely curl the top and bottom lashes to give volume. They must also make them up very well with black mascara so they look crisp, but smooth or pegostes. When you do that, create a fan effect and they make the eye look awake even without using eyeliner. ”

11. – APPLY BLUSH WITH SOFT TOUCH. “With the brush must delineate the bone of the cheek from temple to cheek doing repetitive but not sharp so they do not check much. Should use colors that go from sand to light brown. Never apply terracotta dark (unless you are a brunette), because the will see stained brown. When the skin is mature is to strike a subtle blur. ”

12. – COLOR CHEEKS WITH WARMTH. “You have to use pastel pink or clear, because they give the youthful touch. The best way is to make a grimace of a smile in the mirror and apply the color on the part of aglobada cheek. With the other products remaining in the brush, add a touch of color on the chin and between the eyebrows. Avoid the red because they accentuate the imperfections and make you look altered. ripe skins they have to be calm and that is obtained with pink. ”

13. – GIVE THE LIP GLOSS WITH CLEAR TONE. “You have to use pink or similar colors at the edges and merge with touches of coral or gold in the center, but faded. Can also use a semi gloss burgundy as a base and place in the center of the lips pearl tone. The mature women should not use reds or browns because they accentuate the cracks in the mouth and make you look less provocative. ”

Duke Michelangelo adds an extra tip that not only works for old ladies but for any woman he wants out of trouble: always carry a touch-up kit in the portfolio. “If we are careful in the process of makeup, your skin achieve a natural look and glowing for several hours. But as always there are accidents, it is good to carry a powder compact, multifunctional brightness is combined with any tone that have been applied in lips, a pink blush to the cheeks and eyeliner or mascara to the lashes. With that hand will look great at any time and will not occupy much space in your portfolio. ”

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