Wedding Invitations Templates tinker & Print


If fixed for the most beautiful celebration of a couple of dates and the approximate procedure was discussed, can be thought of the wedding invitations. In order to give them an official part, should all be sent in writing to the road.

In some rural areas it was formerly customary for the wedding inviter from house to send home to announce the appointment of the celebrations known. Today, many relatives and friends live in another place, what the personal Invite no more makes it possible.

The more imaginative the invitations to be sent are designed. As soon as you receive the mail on matching color envelope can be seen that there is a romantic occasion. Countless ideas for beautifully designed wedding invitations can already serve as a guide on the Internet for their own design.

In the text of the invitation cards, some important terms that are missing may not be integrated. These should include the location of the ceremony, date and time and place the form in which the wedding, which can serve as a clue to the dress code. In order to know the extent of the celebrations should be asked for a commitment to a certain date. To give the whole invitation to some romantic setting, can now be considered in the details.

A little verse would be nice, which brings the words “We are getting married” in a perfect poetic form. Two intertwined rings, red rose petals, a heart drawn in sand may or photo of the two spouses the opportunity to paint figuratively. Card and envelope colors appear, such as pale pink or lilac, more appealing. Everyone likes to follow such an invitation.

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