Treatments to protect your skin after the summer


With the coming of summer, our skin requires extra special care, by exposure to sunlight, sea salt, chlorine are agents that can cause skin dehydration. Therefore it has been selected the best creams for healthy skin hydrated and politely after the summer.

Follow our instructions and you will see results:

  • Plaisirs Nature: adequate nourishing cream for the body, hydrate also gives softness and elasticity to the skin. It has 8 different flavors to choose olive oil, oatmeal, raspberry, wild strawberry, coconut, peach, vanilla and wild blackberry.
  • Spa Vegetal: adds softness to the skin in addition to removing impurities. Exfoliate the skin provided a smoother skin.
  • Plant Protectyl: tan extender will furnish a uniform tan all year round. This self-tanning accelerators made from active natural effect.
  • Mask Phytum: a nourishing mask that will bring sparkle to your hair, liposomes made from 100% vegetable oil and moisturizing Jojoba nutrient.

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