Tips to keep internal and physical Youth


Many women are primarily concerned with keeping the youth. Yet we know that we can contribute to delay the passage of years, reaching the tips that we show below, such as care, treatment and lifestyle, which not only make us look good on the outside, but also give us vitality and decrease our years:

Our food is essential to keep our youth with dietary supplements to stay young. Among the first with best anti-aging factors, are the fruits of all colors, especially red, nuts, fish, soy, garlic and flax seed. The vitamins most recommended and should be taken daily are vitamin E and C, betacarotene, zinc, selenium and omega 3, these have most antioxidants.

Rescue mental balance, is a condition for full relaxation that can radiate in a face without annoying fingerprints. Also meditation and yoga are the best techniques for excellence. Exercising each which have achieved a greater peace of mind, concentration, mental clarity and deep harmony. Yoga and tai-chi, also provide flexibility and agility of the body, stimulate circulation and oxygenate the skin.

Physical activity. Help our bodies depend on the variety of stimuli that they always receive. Since a body is not used, they atrophy and consequent accelerated the appearance of the signs of aging. The solution is to exercise regularly because it helps the lymphatic drainage and metabolism, resulting in healthy skin. So it ideal for maintaining a youthful appearance is to practice at least one hour of exercise at least three times a week.

Speed up cell renewal, you get home realizarte manual peeling a very simple way. You must use exfoliating gloves and apply natural products such as oatmeal, ground rice, bran, salt, ginger and sugar. With a gentle massage gives a soft, smooth skin, the nutrients suitable pair of creams that are applied later. In more mature skin, after the peel should moisturize your face with olive oil, because it has antioxidant properties and highly effective antiaging.

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