The makeup artist


Makeup artistry makeup or beauty, on a movie set, the catwalks or institute … The makeup artist job covers a broad reality, however, request that the same qualities: creativity and a nice stroke. Focus on the craft of makeup.

The makeup artist job:
Specialist-in terms of aesthetics, the makeup artist beauty performs several functions. It can make up a client for a special occasion: a wedding, an anniversary, an evening … Or simply by sublimating a make-up day discreet.

In addition to his creative work, the makeup is also an advisor on beauty: it links clients to the right products for their skin type and skin tone to them, and tells them the right moves for a perfect result.


The makeup artist for its artistic works on fashion shows or trays film … Its function is intended more creative than purely aesthetic: stick to the theme of the show and embellish the models when it comes to fashion, the sensitivity and the identity of the characters when it comes to a movie or of a play…

What training to become a makeup artist?
There are no state diploma to become a makeup artist professional. Bac Pro or CAP in aesthetic and cosmetic can lead the profession of makeup.

It is also possible to follow a BTS or aesthetic skills training in a school specialized private.

Where has the makeup?
The makeup beauty often work in institute beauty, in the salons of hair dressing , shops makeup and perfume. They can also work as independent, at home. In all cases, it is preferable to make an appointment, especially on the eve of a weekend or the holiday season!

The makeup art-have for their status in the entertainment industry. So they work on a freelance basis, that is to say according to specific needs of a show or event.

How to choose makeup?
A good makeup artist beauty must learn to consider your skin tone, the color of your eyes and your hair, but also your personality and your desires. She must know how to advise you AND you listen!

Choose a makeup artist with which the current flows smoothly. Feel free to ask questions every step of makeup: you must be able to reproduce these gestures when you get home.

A good makeup artist should show gentle and patient: to be pampered is a moment of pleasure and relaxation.. . We should not always suffer to be beautiful!

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