The eyebrow shaping how her eyebrows tweezers


Eyebrows too thick, too provided, not drawn enough? The solution is eyebrow shaping: with what, when and how to do … You do not cut!

The eyebrows provided, it’s like the hairstyle in sauerkraut: it belongs to the past.

Today, the eyebrows have a line more natural and harmonious. Discover the right thing to put yourself off your eyes and balance the features of your face.

Do not worry about your eyebrows!

Before eyebrow shaping

We must, above all, begin by defining the arch of your eyebrows, according to your face shape: round, long, wide or square … To do this, face your mirror, you will draw a vertical line that connects the base of your nostril to the inner corner of your eye and your eyebrow, this applies to both sides: this imaginary line tells you where your eyebrow should begin. You can do this, use a pencil, having it on your face against the wing of your nose and in the extension of the eye. Anything above the pencil on the side of the nose, should be plucked.

To determine where, ideally, your eyebrow should end, it will also draw an imaginary line from the corner of the mouth and passes through the outer corner of your eye. Again: anything above this line should be plucked.

Avoid still leave more than a half inch between your eyebrows too large a gap may reveal the thickness of your nose.

Once this is done for both eyes, you’ll know what size ideally give your eyebrows.

The thickness of your eyebrows, it will be defined by the original size of your eyebrows, and the shape you want them. It may therefore vary between people, but one constant must be satisfied, the inner corner of the brow should be thicker than the rest of the eyebrow.

All must be plucked eyebrows so, according to a thicker line at the center of the face, and gradually thins: he can not change the basic shape or direction of growth of an eyebrow. The outline of your eyebrow should form a curve that is rising ¾, and ¼ down.

How to pluck eyebrows

The ideal time to pluck eyebrows is coming out of the shower your pores are dilated by the heat, and your hair will withdraw more easily. It will then stretch the skin between your fingers and your eyebrows hair by hair removal hairs in the direction of growth.


Proceed with precise movements and dry, catching the hair closest to the root, to prevent it from breaking. For the symmetry between your eyebrows is respected, what pluck hairs left, then right a few hairs.

Do not remove hair above your eyebrows: it is much more harmonious and natural eyebrow tweezers from below. Feel free, by cons, to pluck hairs between your eyebrows.

The different forms

    For the ears, round a little in the shape of the eyebrow epilant slightly above the inner corner of the head of the eyebrow.

  • For the straights, round to the middle of the line, leaving a little thick in the head and the external point, then epilating slightly above these ends.
  • For the sparse lines, avoid making too fine a line.
  • For the arched eyebrows, then progress to slightly tip the focus to have a better rounded.

The hair removal methods

Of course, never use a razor for this part of the body! The tweezers is of course the easiest way and least expensive, but sil is also possible to use the wax warm: you can easily make an overall plot line, applying the wax in the direction of hair. Remember to ask a small vertical strip of wax between your eyebrows.

If you do not dare you depilated eyebrows yourself, you have the solution to go to institute it done by a professional. It is virtually risk-free and once it has shown you, it all you have to do it again at home.

After waxing

Once the session of waxing over, brush your eyebrows to replace. If necessary, you can make small adjustments. Also be aware that the skin will probably reddened by the hair. So plan to strip your eyebrows on the eve of an output or hours before, not when you are ready to go out!

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