Take a nap in the day sleeping!


Today March 16th, we celebrate the 12th day of sleep. The opportunity for activists to organize peaceful demonstrations to highlight the importance of a sound sleep. The increased use of sleeping pills indicates a severe malaise in French in recent years: we sleep enough?

The theme of this 12 th day of sleep is revealing: “Sleep and Performance of excellence every day.” If the French are as much sleep is to perform well during the day at work. They adopt a strict pace with well-defined schedules. And once they find it difficult to sleep, they turn to sleeping pills.

In recent years the use of sleeping pills has increased and the French tend to use them indiscriminately. Yet taking sleeping pills is not trivial: their regular consumption five-fold increase risk of death.

This is to denounce this difficulty getting to sleep that militants now hold various events. To participate is simple: arm yourself with a sleeping bag, pillow, and go take a nap on one of the places of manifestation!

Twenty years ago, our parents slept an average of 9 per night. Today the French did not sleep more than 7:05 … A decrease in sleep time which causes stress, chronic fatigue and deconcentration. More than four in 10 French suffer from sleep disorders.

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