Style with braids

Style with braids

Walkways and draw trend-setting hairstyles as they do with clothes.

And often they are able to reinvent and introduce trends of the past and make them appealing, modern and very new. Among the most acclaimed hair almost every year can be seen collected, manes in the wind, waves of different colors, smooth other impeccable and they change according to seasonal trends.

But what never fails on the runway, celebrities and models is a pickup with a ponytail. The ponytail hairstyle glamorous as has been implemented years ago and, fortunately, has not gone away, still in full force and sweeps this season. High pigtails, side ponytails and half a touch of chic to your hair.

For the development of a sophisticated ponytail hairstyle just have to determine the style to which you want to go and move forward without fear because it is very simple, fast and easy to do.

The first thing to do is dry your hair with a dryer without nozzle using a paddle brush to the hair is smooth and polished. Then the hair is dry, make a partition in the front starting from the left temple and ending in the right temple but without collecting too much hair.

Then with the remaining hair Become a ponytail tight, very polished, using a comb or brush and secure it with lacquer to keep it from moving. Finally, crepe hair slightly left to get some volume and throw back combing without lowering the volume too much accomplished.

Slowly, and with the help crepar brush, comb again fusing it back ponytail. Set the front with a touch of paint and put a clip on the rubber almost to adjust the excess hair. A single strand will close by with which we will collect around the gum to cover hair and the finish is clean and professional. Reapply some hairspray for the full completion of the hairstyle.

Give it some personality to your look with a rhinestone brooch or a fabric flower. The hair accessories will break the simplicity of the look without changing its simplicity and naturalness. You see, it’s super easy to get a casual look, chic and very natural with a little imagination.

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