Simple Ways to Thddan your skin type

skin type

Although at first glance you think it is easy for you to determine your skin type, either dry or normal or oily, but that the correct answer to this question is more complex than you imagine, due to the intervention of hundreds of dyes genetic influence on the amount of fat secreted by the skin, In addition, we have several types of skin in different parts of the body, for example, you may have a thin skin on the hands and feet, and not by the sebaceous glands, skin and other solid in the back and a very thin skin under the eyes, the skin is completely different on the head.

To determine your skin type Frga an hour or two of your time to make this test with the following steps:

  • Wash your face cleaner for the face and rinse thoroughly with water and then gently towel drying it national.
  • After an hour, bring a tissue paper and put it on your face and the pressure on four points of the face: the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.
  • Check your impact of these four areas on the tissue and determine your skin type as follows:
  • Fatty skin: the effects of the presence of fat in each of the four regions.
  • Skin vehicle: the existence of the effects of fat in some areas
  • Normal Skin: No effects of fat in any area
  • Dry Skin: No effects of fats and there are some effects in the peel of the skin tissue.

In this test simple and easy at the same time can determine your skin type, where it is believed some of the ladies that their skin is oily to the presence of some fat in the skin of the nose or forehead, but in fact may have skin vehicle because the skin in other areas normal on the chin, for example.

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