My skin oily .. What is the solution?


If you suffer from oily skin, you will undoubtedly suffer a lot due to the daily problems of this type of skin, so I offer you these tips to handle your skin this summer:

Use a gentle gel to clean the skin:
The use of cream to clean skin should leave behind some of the effects on the facial skin so that it gives you a feeling of fat accumulate on your skin in addition to that fat can be seen on your skin, so use gel for cleaning in these cases is the perfect solution.

Wash your face twice a day only:
That washing the face more than twice a day lead to infection of the skin dry, this command causes the skin to secrete more fat to compensate.

Onasha your skin gently:
Look for a refreshing does not contain alcohol, which helps to dry your skin. Instead, choose fresh nut contains a summary or other skin moisturizers and Astkhaddmiha after all washing of the face.

Use a sunscreen:
It possible for women to go beyond the use of face cream, but you must use sunscreen consistently and prefer to use condoms that are in the image of the bulk.

Use a powder:
That the use of translucent powder foundation makeup make-up lead to stability throughout the day also helps to control the non-purification of the oils on the face during the day.


Use the mask:
The use of clay masks twice a week helps to open pores of the face, which typically develop embolism due to oily skin. On the other hand, it is known that people with oily skin more susceptible to skin infections, especially acne which is often at the age of puberty and not only his appearance on the period of adolescence but also to the late twenties and beyond.

And proven statistics that the highest infection rate among young people are in the age of twenty male and twenty-third in females and focus of infection in areas of the face, back, chest and upper arms which contains the skin in these areas to the sebaceous glands large rather than lymph fatty small in the rest of the body.

There are reasons for the emergence of acne the most important microbial agents and genetic and hormonal where the presence of sebaceous glands is a prerequisite for active acne under the influence of the hormone androgen stimulating sebaceous glands in males and females.

We also note the presence of microbes naturally on the surface of the skin and in the barrels of grain pilosebaceous These microbes coexist with humans and do not cause him trouble in the habit, but with increased secretions fatty breed microbes in the mouth of the sebaceous gland that can cause infections and there is ready holds a risk of acne in some families.

Form of the disease and be of the type which is characterized by the emergence of active black heads and superficial blisters do not leave marks when removed. The other type of severe and chronic Vimes appearance of blisters and deep ulcers and bags. The latter and leave scars etched in the case of the realization of the treatment or tolerated it.

In most cases, acne infection consists of the heads of black or white granules or bags deep and injuries go away for a period ranging from days to weeks.

For the treatment of attention you need to wash the face several days with warm water, soap and detergents recommended for use in medical, instead of soap and all that to help keep skin pores open.

Are advised not to get used to pressing the pimples hands so as not to leave a dark brown color in the place of infection and the more we turned to the early treatment of complications and side effects of the disease, treatment is simple and without leaving scars etched on the face and elsewhere.

Here, treatment and topical treatment of localized and concentrated in cases of burning grain must be the use of certain antibiotics and topical tetracycline and Caldlasin Alertrohmeysin taking oral antibiotics TETRA modern derivatives.

And fear of complications and the effects Aljanieh to many drugs used must consult a specialist doctor to coordinate appropriate treatment and there are priorities for the use of certain drugs without other by-case basis.

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