“Make up to me” and “Gate-me” with Poupele!

Make up

Make room for elegant accessories of beauty Poupele. A range of accessories that stands customizable, and to the “chic” to be trendy. Kit
“Make up to me” will charm you, “Gate-me” will make you succumb!

Nothing more glamorous than storing your makeup or your precious jewels in caskets of intense black and luxurious! Poupele presents a range of custom accessories, enhanced by a velvety and elegant inscriptions in black pearls pearly. Very tidy, the kit “Make Up Me “excels originality and charm, with its three large inside pockets and a small hook to hang this kit anywhere. “Gate-I”, will showcase your jewelry and accessories, in a case containing a foldout package, a range-rings and even a location for your earrings! You will be addicted!

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