How to care for red hair?

red hair

The red hair, like the blonde or the brunette, needs a very specific care to make it look shiny and healthy.

On the shelves of supermarkets is very easy to find shampoos and quality top brand created specifically for the care of red hair.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the red pigment of red hair not filter well sunlight, so their scalp is not so well protected as, for example, for the most brown. Thus, the use of a suitable shampoo becomes imperative.

Moreover, as important as the shampoo we use is the mask. The red hair is very sensitive and tends to bruise easily, so we must apply at least once a week a specific mask for this type of hair, which will help us achieve a bright color. We can also apply any product on the ends so that they are not damaged or opened.

Another aspect to consider is the drying and ironing of the hair. If with dark hair and have to be careful enough with the dryer and irons, with the red hair is essential to take precautions. Thus, it is best not too close to the hair dryer and never use under any circumstances, the maximum temperature of our plate. Whether it’s sheet metal or ceramic, red hair is more sensitive than the rest so that misuse of the plates can be fatal.

Follow these tips and get a hair as fiery redhead!

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