Here are some common mistakes on your beauty!!


Often inherit the customs and traditions of our ancestors, but not necessarily all be correct, some of them carrying some of the concepts of wrong and baseless, if no basis or fact exist. Here’s an explanation for some of them:

Drink water frequently contributes to the beauty of the skin.

While the water is very useful and necessary but that a lot of it will cause bloating, and go to the bathroom more.Committed by drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day to maintain the level of metabolism, feeding the cells.

Almottagcef can fix hair creams.

Well, I throw all of these creams, and Focus with me, “the only remedy is to cut the shell of the parties affected by the hair,” Do not let one fool you by using the Holy Miracle.

Dry skin causes wrinkles.

Ever, exposure to the sun continuously is causing the wrinkles.

Rub your face to get rid of pimples.

No, scratching and rubbing soap medical or other cause to remove the insulating layer on the skin and irritation pimples more.

Soap is bad for the skin.

Was probably a bad soap in the past, because it focused more on the chemicals, but today there are a wide variety of soap, including those containing creams, and nutrients necessary to clean the sensitive skin, and regular, and fatty acids. And because the face clean is better than face dirty, this myth wrong, and right that we use soap to clean the skin.

Antiperspirants can cause cancer.

No medical information to confirm this warning, and as the scent of recovery is better than the rest is unpleasant smell of sweat you.

If the code is used to shave body hair would grow thicker hair.

No, we have the quantity and quality of hair, which is owned by the mother or the father, grandparents, hair is hereditary.


Remove sun spots pimples.

Can be dried sun blisters, but they affect the other cells, and cause burns on the skin clear.

Stick to one type of product.

Incorrect, the sensitivity of the direction of developments at any moment, the best that Tstamli a variety of products that suit your skin and your skin, especially toothpaste, dandruff remover, soap and cleaning.

No need for cream and sun visor during the winter.

Who said that, the sun is always present. It will damage your skin, especially if you drive you in the morning and evening, toward the sun
Natural ingredients do not cause allergies.

Component, whether natural or chemically, if your skin does not like you will protest it in its own way.

Chocolate cause pimples and oily foods.

Has not been proven yet that one type of food causes pimples, but I do not mind to pay attention, Foods fatty cause other problems.
You can Tqchi pores.

Taatobei not, the volume of the pores of the genetic traits that we inherit. But it may widen the pores due to lack of cleaning, and the accumulation of fatty creams and products on the skin.

Muscles can turn to fat.

Muscle and fat are different and Nsijan they can switch between them.

But the reduction of sports activities as well as relieve muscle metabolism.

Reduced weight in more places than others.

Both can not be Tekhsary weight in other places before, but the fat will disappear first from last place and so it built up by this arrangement.

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