Hair Care Tips In Summer

Hair Care

Summer is the worst enemy of your hair, so you must be extremely careful and protect your hair from sun and heat. You can take protective measures, maintenance and repair, though, note that all the care you give your hair will be well received, needs lots of care!

The capillary moisture is essential when exposing your hair to the sun. If you do not hydrate your hair well what are the consequences?

Loss of brightness, dryness and split ends, in short, a horror.

Because we assume that this is not what you want and however you want to continue enjoying the sun in summer you have to be very into account the hair also burns and needs protection, just like your skin.

Nutrition is so important for your hair as it is for the skin of your body, so hydration and nutrition are two concepts that go hand in hand. To do this try to use all summer special shampoos, conditioners with extra hydration and moisturizing masks. Sure you notice the difference. You have to get used to using these products before and after climbing from the beach or pool, and do while taking the sun? Do not forget to apply products designed for when you take the sun, these are, gels, oils and sunscreen sprays.

At this time of year you should avoid the indiscriminate use of molders, tongs, plates, etc.. Really drying my hair and if to this we add the effects of the sun will be lost.

Experts tell us that hair care is good to let your hair dry naturally.

Now that it’s so hot in less than 20 minutes you will have your hair dry and if you have to use the dryer, do it at least at a distance of one meter. We recommend that you get a haircut that does not need to be straightened or curled with artificial devices, your hair will thank you.

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