Five Keys to smile with glamor

smile with glamor

They say that this spring is going to rain a lot. The truth is that I prefer sunny days, as almost everyone, but if it rains, it rains. Have to think that April is a new month, we have almost every few days off at Easter and good weather is just around the corner. What more could you want to smile? Well, some key pieces to be more beautiful. Here I show you the five essential …

Glamour in the rain

If it rains, take the opportunity to leverage them to your boots. Long ago I have the Hunter, but almost never use. I am looking for a green parka to complete my look of rain. Yes, the rubber boots only if it rains!

Glamour in the sun

If it’s sunny, take the opportunity to give a touch of color to your look with a scarf or pink salmon tone and pastel colored jeans.

Glamour in the gym

I recently renewed my gym clothes: shoes and a couple of sets for training. The truth is that when I’m a little discouraged with the sport, I buy a new computer and encouraged me again (check out the new collection of Oysho, which is great). And why throw in the fact that the season of shorts and bikinis is just around the corner.

Glamour daily

My three golden rules of the image are: dress up for you, for you look good, put on pretty every day, either Monday and Sunday rain or wedding go, tailor your image to the occasion. At the end of the matter what else? When you get ready for you … everything changes!

Glamour in your closet

Begins to make a pair of season clothing, you present them this month in the weekly blogs. Go slowly organizing your closet, getting rid of clothes that you do not like or does not serve you, and making room for your new spring look.

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