Different types of eyeliners


One of the most widely used tools is undoubtedly makeup eyeliner, this not only allows us to better define the shape of our eyes but also helps give more depth to them, but not any kind of liner serves, since there are different types of eyeliners, the same ones discussed below.

As mentioned recently eyeliner can be a good trick of beauty, but we must use the right one for our eyes, some of the types of liners that exist are called Khol, this type of eyeliner pencil has a graph Natural soot, and is very soft and easy to implement, this type of brush is the most common and most widely used is very easy to apply.

This type of eyeliner you recommend for younger people or those little makeup for its ease of use, we can find another type of eyeliner such as eyeliner pen, this is widely used especially if we get a long-lasting makeup.

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