Care for Your Hair From Your Worst Enemies


According to Science, the hair is composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur. Its main component is keratin, scientists suggest P & G Beauty Global.

The average person has 100,000 strands capillaries in the scalp. It grows about one centimeter per month. In the process, after three to four months, the hair was falling early stage and begin to grow new strands, so that every day you lose part of it naturally. His appearance, curly, wavy or straight hair depends on differences in the genes of each person.

Each hair strand is composed of bone in the central cavity, bark is the part responsible for features such as color and flexibility, and cuticle: the outer layer facing all aggressors extrinsic. Thus, if the person is in good physical condition, initially the hair is healthy, but as it is exposed to sunlight, pollution of the environment, aggressive treatments and processes, begins to be damaged, thereby releasing the cuticle, making rough and brittle and thin to get bad looks.

Myths and truths that cause damage

There are several ways to damage the hair from the stress and diets that do not provide the nutrients needed for growth, to the improper use of appliances such as dryers and irons, sun exposure, dust and other contaminants, as well as ill habits and myths, explains Pereira Mavy, professional stylist Spa Beauty Clinic.


With regard to the myths still exist several worthwhile to clarify, for example:

Sleeping with attached hair contributes to its growth. False, it just might be convenient for some people.

Shampoo should be changed every 21 days. False, because the product used should be chosen depending on the condition and needs of the hair.

Cepillarselo 100 times before bed increases the brightness and promotes growth. False, this action accelerates the fall of which is in the last phase of growth.

Wash oily hair daily. False, this habit stimulates the cells of the scalp, which causes excess fat.

Let the cream or mask all day for best results. False, if you stay longer than directed, hydration you get it back greasy hair, and only recommended for application in the middle to the ends.

Brushing when wet makes it breaks. True, when hair fibers are wet are weaker and the strands tend to fall or break. We recommend using a gap-toothed comb.

The natural masks offer the same or better results than the masks processed. False, natural masks probably will not endanger the health of hair, but do not generate rapid or better results, since for the particles entering the fine hair should be designed using scientific processes. In its natural state the particles are too thick, so that treatment remains on the surface and is not absorbed by the hair.

As for environmental factors that cause damage are wind, humidity, sun, sea salt and chlorine in swimming pools. Moisture can cause the hair standing straight hair have, which is reduced by passing your hands after applying moisturizer or basting brush with a non-aerosol fixative.

The heat in the atmosphere may mistreat the strands of hair by tangling. To avoid aplicales conditioner product that can be left in place, or if you use gel to wet hair. But if you have curly rub some serum that gives brightness between the palms of your hands and apply patting.

To prevent the dyed blonde turns green by chlorine in the pool, rinse with mineral water. And if it is discolored, dissolved three aspirin tablets in a cup of water, spread all over wet hair, leave for five minutes and drain, suggests Rona Berg, author of Beauty to the minute.

If you have problems with your hair in the winter, for example, that is fluffy, wash it less frequently or use a conditioner rinse-no, hold it with a tail before going out and drop to get to work.


That flirtation …

So for any woman is a makeover to dye or straighten it, it’s actually a torture to his hair. Dry, over-fat, rough texture, weak hair strands and even baldness can be some of the effects. This is because products that are made these procedures contain ingredients such as acids, hydrocarbon derivatives (dyes) or formalin (smoothing), which when applied in excess can cause serious damage to health.

Therefore it is advisable to research the product you are going to apply, go to professional repairers use treatments to protect it. It is also suggested apply a mask without touching the scalp at least once a week or apply a product that can be left in place in the case are dryness problem, adds Pereira.

The improper use of dryers, irons and molders also causes serious damage. It is essential to know your hair type to know how to treat and achieve the desired effect, you buy a good quality equipment, cutting edge technology (with ionic properties) and is between 1.500 to 1.800 kW, professional suggests.

Pereira indicates that there are wide plates that are perfect for straightening hair long, the one inch to create curls or waves and mini short hair straightening irons. It is essential to apply a protective product, including restorative properties there, before moving the iron.

Acondicionas your hair?

One of the basic care to keep the hair cuticle is in good condition it. The conditioner lubricates the hair strands and forms a protective layer that prevents damage, the scientists said P & G Beauty Global.

A good conditioner can recover to internal moisture retention, which is almost nonexistent in damaged hair. At the same time softens the surface, which means less contact between the hand and this, which is less friction. And the silicone contained in the conditioner softens the rough surfaces of the cuticle.

According to experts, is a myth that conditioner contribute to hair loss. The important thing is to use the appropriate advice also applies to the choice of shampoo and treatments.

Your hair does not support bad diets

The quality of your hair, nails and skin is determined largely by nutritional status. This is because the hair needs essential nutrients for growth, shine and healthy appearance. These nutrients are protein, zinc and selenium, which maintain the vitality of the hair strand, explains nutritionist Alicia Avendano. Moreover, the scalp also needs to be well nourished through a balanced diet high in micronutrients essential for its stability and pH balance.

According to the professional, the nutrients that are generally required to have a healthy, beautiful hair is animal protein, essential oils such as omega 3, selenium, zinc, folic acid and vitamins A and C. It is important to manage these nutrients to the body through food for good nutrition hair from the inside, since the nutrients applied locally only give good appearance and surface smoothness.

The science behind the beauty

For a beauty product reaches your hands have made various investigations. “Once an opportunity is identified and defined the strategy will begin to develop prototypes of new products or improvements to existing ones,” the experts at P & G Beauty Global.

Research methods involve biology of hair and skin, and innovation programs dedicated to the understanding of its operation to see how they work, how they are impacted by age, how they react to changes and the reason for this.

An example of the work of these scientists is to develop products for the hair with cassia. The innovations of ingredients are divided into three levels: the first means that an ingredient found in the product, but not for showing results, at level two one ingredient is present in the formula and is deposited on the hair and, in level three, the ingredient is present in the formula, is deposited on the hair and provides a specific benefit. This was the way it worked with cassia seed, plant native to India, to include it in its new product line.

The three levels mentioned above take place when the shampoo is diluted with rinse water, then the molecules can bind together and collect on wet hair to act as sacrificial layer and absorb the friction of the environment, while carries conditioning ingredients such as silicone, the scientists said.

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