Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup


The History of bareMinerals

I must admit that when I met Bare Escentuals cosmetics was totally confused by the number of different names. I have been using the cosmetic lines for almost seven years but never really understood the relationship between Bare Essentials, Bare Escentuals and id bareMinerals. What really understand was the way my face was to use bareMineral cosmetics line. I loved and still love, radiant appearance, versatility and impeccable coverage.

I heard that Bare Essentials is sometimes confused with Bare Escentuals because of a simple spelling mistake. The cosmetics company makes a line of makeup called mineral id b are Minerals.

Bare Escentuals has been in business since 1976, opening its first store in California. The company began with a great devotion to a healthy makeup for healthy skin. As this phrase that summarizes your main goal, it created the line of mineral makeup called bareMinerals. It was truly a technological success in the world of cosmetics. The cosmetic line featuring natural ingredients bareMineral more refined, made from pure minerals of better quality. BareMineral cosmetics do not contain talc, oils, fragrances or preservatives, sensitive skin providing an interesting line of cosmetics.

Today, Bare Escentuals offers a complete line of mineral cosmetics, brushes, a line of luxury spa and cleansers. Bare Escentuals remains true to its original goal: the best quality 100% pure minerals with no preservatives added.


The mineral ingredients used in makeup bareMineral have the best quality of the minerals mined from the earth. The advantage is that minerals are lightweight, soft and leaves your skin feeling fresh and silky. The application is perfect and translucent, but covers imperfections such as rosacea, acne and scars .. BareMinerals says these stains do not clog pores and act as a natural sunscreen. This is because the minerals used in the formula bareMineral.

Titanium dioxide

One of the 21 sunscreen chemicals approved by the FDA. Titanium dioxide remains on the surface of the skin, UV light dispersed and form a protective barrier on the skin.


The Mica is a coloring agent commonly used in mineral makeup. The micas have different colors and give skin a radiant appearance.

Bismuth oxychloride

Bismuth oxychloride is used to give the pearl effect makeup.

Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is used in mineral makeup to soften, protect and heal the skin. It also provides a barrier against harmful sun rays. It has astringent and antiseptic, making it beneficial for healthy skin. Also in the list of sunscreen chemicals approved by the FDA.

Benefits of Using bareMinerals Makeup

Mineral makeup is an excellent choice for a total coverage. As it does not contain perfumes or other chemical preservatives that irritate the skin, can be used safely on all skin types, especially those sensitive, acne or rosacea. In addition, mineral makeup provides a natural barrier against sunlight and will not clog pores.

Due to their clean finish, the company says you can sleep with makeup on if you forget to wash your face, making it an excellent choice for adolescents. It is also very versatile and can cover a little as a powder or full coverage for the area of dark circles and dark spots.

Bare Mineral Product Line

Bare Escentuals offers a diverse line of products ranging from basic items such as basic to the most specific and drying brush cleaner faster. Each of mineral products can be used in various ways. You can use a base for the area of dark circles as well as enlightening, depending on the tone selected. When mixing flush with the lip balm id you can make your lip color matches that of your cheeks. All mineral products are interchangeable and can be used on the lips, cheeks and eyes, which is great when thinking about the cost-benefit.

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