What is the best time to nourish your face?


As we know to take care of our skin, our face and foremost, it is inevitable to perform different procedures and nutrition is very important and essential to make it look shiny.

Since very little is often the case that sometimes do not know what is the ideal period to consummate this type of treatment, but usually instructs that you do at night, since that time the skin while fruits to eliminate any toxins we collect during the day through the pores and purifies our body better.

For this case it has dry skin which is the most ideal feed is required to use this product during the early hours of the morning and isolate the exorbitant after 20 minutes with a good astringent.

That’s why we recommend in the case of very fatty skin, is beneficial to employ emulsions or gels instead of nourishing creams, as they are a little oily and favor the formation of fat.

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