What is facial serum

facial serum

Almost all want to have skin smooth, soft and firm, no matter how old we are because we must take care to achieve more when we see the passage of time affects us all, and he is us having a more careful skin and at much younger age profile than many people our own age, after the years.

Serum is a serum necessary mode of treatment applicable to the entire area of the skin of the face and neck, providing gentle upward circular massage on the neck, the chin, cheekbones, nose, eyebrows and forehead. It is easy to apply because only dirty, it leaves the skin and fat absorption is instantaneous. Thanks to its application will not sprout angry bumps, rashes or redness engordaderas much less.

Often lack fragrance, making it difficult to give some kind of allergy.

In applying the serum and moisturizer, wait for the skin to make the absorption, without leaving excess product in the outermost layer so that we can start our make-up as usual. The base and illuminating makeup because it will not be difficult to dissolve evenly across the skin without having to insist on the most difficult. Let’s wait a bit after this application if we apply some sort of face powder, to prevent some areas of the skin is more steeped in product than others.

This product is highly recommended to help maintain healthy skin and cared for.

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