Warming On You? Paying Attention To The Wrinkles!


Begins to snow in the north, south, the heat is definitely over: it’s time to turn the heat at home and enjoy a good cup of tea while out at the window is all gray.

Beware, though: the central heating is one of the enemies of the skin and could make it to age prematurely, by displaying the unsightly wrinkles.

Keep Your Skin Young and moisturized

It is appropriate to say: often we spend a fortune on anti-aging and wrinkles, but then spend much time in environments that age the skin without even knowing it.


We are talking about the heat during the cold season: radiators, electric heaters, stoves and fireplaces can dry much skin, causing wrinkles and fine lines of each type.

The advice? To keep the skin smooth and supple attempts to limit the use of heating, preferring instead some more layer of clothing.

Then with a humidifier to keep the room so that the air is too dry – even a full glass of water is fine, the important thing is that there is no moisture.

Finally, never forget to apply moisturizer and nourishing, even when you’re at home in front of the PC. This is a smart move that helps the skin to be beautiful and protected, not only by heating but also by changes in temperature.

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