Types of Makeup


The makeup is usually for some girls a great help as it helps us to beautify our body and face, there are many types of makeup, this article will show you some of them to use and also see that which is best suited your style.

Over time both the makeup and trends are changing the makeup of the 80 was very aggressive and overloaded with red and fuchsia lipstick, and eyes marked with shades of gray or blue, currently the makeup is often more subtle and delicate, but there are other techniques that we use as the eye disappeared.

Some types of makeup are the Arab makeup, which basically is limited to excessive eye makeup, eye makeup gone, make-believe or carnival, where also apply some accessories like sequins, makeup emo acetate, flogger, wedding makeup, makeup cocktail, all these different techniques used, and of course colors and shades for both eyes as the basis of face.

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