Types of makeup as your skin color


If you want to see you forever young and radiant you use makeup as a tool of seduction, in this paper we give some beauty tips and tricks so you can use makeup Segun your skin type.

If you have a clear color, the base of your makeup should not be settled, you should use matte colors, it is important not to use strong colors but pastels like pink, beige, crimson or land, this will encourage more of your beauty, if you have blue eyes you should apply a black eyeliner and then a shade of terracotta or cakes, it is important to not overload your face makeup.

If you have a swarthy skin make-up must accompany the tone of your skin, you can add a touch of light to your face and makeup realizarte gone in your eyes, then you can use as a base light beige tones, and lip gloss to color your mouth if you have dark skin you can use silver colors or shades of gray to make up your eyes and a line of earth tones to make up your skin.

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