Tricks To Make Up Your Eyes

Make Up

Here are some interesting tricks maquillalle to have a look cute and beautiful always, remember that the look is a reflection of your soul, and the first thing that stands out in the first impression:

  • To make the pencil more impermeable, must be heated for 2 seconds.
  • Sensitive or irritable eyes should pick a khol pencil, for its mine adapted into the eye, is specially designed to not irritate the mucosa.
  • Always use a cosmetic pencil sharpener to keep the mine to jam and break.
  • Should sharpen the pencil just before going to use for the mine is tender.
  • Underline the root of the tabs above for enlarged the eye.
  • If you want a very elaborate makeup, you can diffuse across the eyelid a cream shadow and then apply the shadows of dust.
  • A white pencil line on the edge of the upper lid and lower the lights and look happy.
  • If the makeup is too strong or has not been quite right, just hide the color or the error with some transparent powders applied with a small brush.
  • The shape of the eye determines the colors following a basic principle: light shades highlight and underline, and deepen the dark sink.
  • The dark tones are applied at the edge of the lashes, light colors are used to illuminate the inner eye area.
  • During the day are preferred neutral colors (gray, brown, black, pink, beige), more natural and flattering.
  • Matt or eggshell tones are flattering and natural for everyone, since deleted glow effect producing poor relief.
  • Pearl tones are very difficult to take because they are too visible, rather than mitigate highlight the defects.
  • In general, matte or tanned hides them feel good deep tones, while the pale skin tones fare better cake.
  • Eye makeup should start as close to the lashes to make it natural.
  • In the eyes with dark circles should be chosen, the brown or gray smoke. Mature’s eyes are completely banish the shadows pearly shades and choose mates, soft and bright.
  • For green eyes: the most flattering are ocher, brown, earth and the night the purple or pink.
  • For blue eyes and gray at night, yellow gold.
  • For eyes-brown: ocher-yellow, salmon pink, brown and even blue copper warm at night.
  • For dark eyes: light gray, smoke and tone roses.

Metallic shades
The metallic shades are the most top of the summer and remain in force next season. First apply a plum iridescent shadow across the eyelid and esfumala, then use an earth tone or dark bronze on the outer edge and extendelo about the birth of the lower lashes.

Deletes the previous makeup
Before applying make up make sure you have removed all remnants of the former. Moisten a cotton ball with eye makeup, and apply over the area for a few seconds. Then rub it down lightly.

Eye cream (only required)
More than enough with a drop the size of a pea. Apply with a cotton swab. So prevenis contact with bacteria that can be on your toes. For best results the skin should be slightly moist.

Your eyelids
Keep them well moisturized: prevent cracking and shadows fade away, also significantly improve the textures, especially if you
shadows or very bright light.

Perfect Eyebrows
Experts advise keeping the natural width of the inner zone and remove only the excess hairs between the eyebrows. For a more natural look, the arch of the eyebrow should be just above the outer edge of the iris.

Your best weapons
Short bristle brushes help place the shadows more accurately, so are ideal for greater definition and delineation. In contrast, the thicker and longer bristles are less accurate, but help you work the hazy tones and mix well.

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